Friday, 4 December 2009

no win no fee

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  1. When someone has an accident and the cause was someone else's negligence there is the question, should I try and sue for damages? Thousands of people every year have accidents that were no their fault but they don't claim for compensation. This is madness! hings to remember that "no win no fee" agreements are not all the same. You need to be sure you understand the contract you are signing. Legal jargon can be quite baffling but you should not be put off. Find a solicitor who can explain everything to you in simple English. If you can find a company that offers a consultation free of charge then make an appointment, if you not happy and don't understand what was said, visit another.

  2. Hi Jamie, came here from your Youtube entry, hoping to find more, esp. on the admirable Susan Boyle - have you given zp after the first post or am I missing something?

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